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Do you want to pass the boards?

Our Keystone Board Exam Simulators, and FARC Podiatry Library© Software, may be the Answer!

NOT another boring videotape or costly lecture subscription service.


Exactly what you need to pass!

The Foot and Ankle Research Consortium, Inc. (FARC) is the leading publisher of Podiatric educational software. Since 1992, we have been producing the most effective and innovative method of preparing for ALL the Podiatry Board Examinations.

This includes: The American Board of Podiatric Surgery, The American Board Of Podiatric Orthopedics and Primary Podiatric Medicine, the American Podiatric Medical Specialties Board, ABLES and the PMLexis. (Now includes the latest information for all Board Recertifications).

Our board simulation software has been purchased by over 5000 Podiatrists and is the most popular computer simulation for all the written and oral podiatric board examinations on the market.

The Keystone Board Examination Simulation Software Guarantees that you will "Pass the Boards!"*

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