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Who are the Men and Women from FARC?

The Foot and Ankle Research Consortium, Inc. (FARC) is a group of technology focused doctors, nurses, psychometrists and educational visionaries who decided that there must be a better way to prepare for all Podiatry Board Certification Examinations; both traditional and contemporaneous. Since inception in 1992, FARC has become one of North America's leading providers of non-sponsored, non-advertiser driven and unbiased print and electronic textbooks, CDs, tools and templates; as well as onsite, personal, ESL and distance education for the professional space. With offices in two states and contacts in Europe, FARC is well positioned for the future. 

Board Members:
Dr. David E. Marcinko, MBA - Atlanta, Georgia
Dr. William P. Scherer, MS - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Dr. Charles F. Fenton III, JD
Dr. Jay S. Grife, JD, MA
Hope Rachel Hetico, RN, MHA
Rachel Pentin-Maki, RN, MHA
Eugene Schmuckler, PhD, MEd

Experts and Contributors:

  • Paul A. Valle; MD
  • Dean L. Mondell; MD
  • Alvario Lopez; MD
  • David J. Sartoris; MD
  • Kenneth Weiss; MD
  • Dieter Havemann; MD
  • Kai Olms; MD
  • Philip Wilson; MD
  • Carl Abramson; PhD
  • Barry Dickinson; PhD
  • Dwight Lambe, Jr.; PhD
  • Kaethe P. Ferguson; PhD
  • David Secord; DPM
  • Gene Potter; DPM, PhD
  • Charles F. Fenton; JD
  • Kent Mercado; DPM, JD
  • Isidore Steiner; DPM, JD
  • Gordon Patton; DPM; RPh
  • David Agoada; DPM
  • Thomas Azzolini; DPM
  • Gregory Alvarez; DPM
  • Alan S. Banks; DPM
  • James J. Bartley; DPM
  • Frederick Barthomei; DPM
  • Palmer Branch; DPM
  • Winfield E. Butlin; DPM
  • Thomas Merrill; DPM
  • Alan R. Catanzariti; DPM
  • Rhonda Cope; PMAC
  • Stephen Corey; DPM
  • Kennrick J. Dennis; DPM
  • Thomas M. DeLauro; DPM
  • Michael J. DeMarco; DPM
  • Michael Downey; DPM
  • Douglas H. Elleby; DPM
  • Robert Floros; DPM
  • Gerald Gorecki; DPM
  • Paul M. Greenberg; DPM
  • Nicholas Grumbine; DPM
  • Charles J. Gudas; DPM
  • George Gumann, Jr., DPM
  • Kevin Healy; DPM
  • Arthur Helfand; DPM
  • Eric Hubbard; DPM
  • Allen M. Jacobs; DPM
  • Anthony Kidawa; DPM
  • Dean P. Kostakos; DPM
  • Leonard Levy; DPM, MPH
  • Lori Lipkin; DPM
  • Francis R. Lynch; DPM
  • Kieran Mahan; DPM
  • Judith Manzi; DPM
  • Stephen A. Mariash; DPM
  • E. Dalton McGlamry; DPM
  • John Mehnert; DPM
  • Orlando A. Mercado; DPM
  • C. Mercado-Ciessau; DPM
  • Orlando Mercado; DPM
  • David J. Neese; DPM
  • Nicky Dowdy Nigro; DPM
  • Lawrence Oloff; DPM
  • Jason Pearson; DPM
  • Kevin Pearson; DPM
  • Robert Phillips; DPM
  • Martin Port; DPM
  • Rock Positano; DPM
  • Mark J. Rappaport; DPM
  • Kenneth Rosenthal; DPM
  • Richard Roth; DPM
  • William Sanner; DPM
  • Barbara Schlefman; DPM
  • Nathan H. Schwartz; DPM
  • Mark W. Shaffer; DPM
  • Jon Tinkle; DPM
  • Elliott Udell; DPM
  • David Unger; DPM
  • John V. Vanore; DPM
  • Harold Vogler; DPM
  • George F. Wallace; DPM
  • Stephen Wan; DPM
  • James Zelichowski; DPM
  • Christoph C. Zenker; DPM
  • Gerard V. Yu; DPM

Marketing and Advertising:
Amanda Scherer
Mackenzie Marcinko

VP Sales and Media Contact:
Ann Miller, BA, MA
770-448-0769 (vm)
775-361-8831 (fax)

Partners in Podiatric Education

 Make your Mark, with FARC


We strongly believe in the quality of our products, teamwork, discipline and culture. If you would like to join us as a contributor or professional expert, please email your CV and a sample of your work. As a market responsive, hybrid and flexible - print and electronic - publishing company, we are confident that our positioning meets the demands of our clients and colleagues to solidly empower them to achieve their test preparation and educational goals; both now and well into the future.




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