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The Keystone Board Examination Simulation Software Guarantees that you will "Pass the Boards!"*

The Keystone Board Examination Simulation SoftwareEach version of the software produces an interactive examination simulation for the written and oral portions of the board examinations. Multiple choice questions are generated in randomized order each time the tests are taken and are timed to duplicate the "looks and feel" of taking the real examination. There is an ability to practice one subject area at a time or a mixture of all subjects like the real exam. each section is presented in an interactive format for review of incorrect questions and oral question tips are provided to assist in preparation of the exam.

At the end of an exam, the software will inform you of the number of questions that you got right and your total score. In addition, the total time that it takes you to complete the test and the average time per question will be displayed. In addition, the examination simulation modules will breakdown your overall score into the respective subject areas on the boards. This is most helpful to identify your strengths and weaknesses. there is also a History and Physical algorithm to organize your thought process for the oral examination.

The Keystone Board Examination Simulation Software is reasonably priced at $350 per version and discounts are offered for multiple orders. We are sure that you will agree that we have the most comprehensive, the most popular, the most user-friendly, and quite simply, the best Podiatry Board Review Software on the market.

* Product backed guarantee only with proof of board score


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