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Test-Taking Tips for Podiatry Boards

The following Test-Taking tips have been collected from experienced FARC staff members.

  1. Answer every question as there is no penalty for guessing.
  2. Trust your instincts and be careful about changing your first answer.
  3. Read the answers first before you read the question.
  4. Get a god night sleep the night before the examination.
  5. Leave your Ego at the door, remember it is only a test.
  6. Recall is best enhanced by repetition.
  7. Be motivated to study.
  8. Take care of your physical health.
  9. Study a little every day, rather than cram the night before the test.
  10. Eliminate external distractions to studying.
  11. Get in a comfortable position when studying and taking the test.
  12. Maintain your focus and try not to day-dream.
  13. Use the process of elimination for answers.

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The following consulting firms, textbooks, healthcare institutional journal and related resources are listed to assist our visitors, colleagues, practitioners and residents. Inclusion does not constitute endorsement:

Textbook and Handbook Resources:


The Institute of Medical Business Advisors, Inc

Since inception in 2000, the Institute of Medical Business Advisors Inc., has become one of North America's leading professional health consulting and valuation firms; and focused provider of textbooks, CDs, tools, templates, onsite and distance education for the health economics, administration and financial management policy space. As competition and litigation support activities increase and the cognitive demands of the global marketplace change, iMBA Inc is well positioned with offices in five states and Europe, to meet the needs of medical colleagues, related advisory clients and corporate customers today; and into the future.

The Certified Medical Planner Program

The Institute of Medical Business Advisors Inc. is dedicated to the education, advancement and promotion of the CERTIFIED MEDICAL PLANNER™ professional designation. The asynchronous live online CMP™ distance education program with professional certification and logo marks, integrates specific insider niche knowledge of healthcare economics and medical practice administration - with the wealth management and financial services industry - to empower CMP™ charter holders with the tools, techniques, templates and management information needed to provide comprehensive personal and business consulting services to medical professionals. With knowledge gained from this revolutionary learning platform, you'll begin to understand the new economic paradigm of the healthcare industrial complex. This expertise will not only enhance the loyalty of existing physician-client relationships, but the CERTIFIED MEDICAL PLANNER™ charter-designation may just become the ultimate competitive advantage for recruiting new doctors, and retaining mature practitioners, in any advisory practice.

The Comprehensive Health Dictionary Series

Healthcare is the largest domestic US industry. But, some suggest the changes of managed care are malignant; as many industry segments, professionals and patients suffer because of it. This tumult is so great that Americans can no longer assume definitional stability. The resulting chaos is legion. And so, since knowledge is power in times of great flux, codified information protects us all from physical, economic and emotional harm! By its very nature, the Comprehensive Health Dictionary Series™ is ripe for periodic updates by engaged-readers working in the fluctuating health care industrial complex. Internet connectivity is the best way for the Health Dictionary Series™ to be edited and revised to reflect the changing lexicon of terms, as older words are retired, and newer ones are continually created. Moreover, we do not simply listen to our customers, colleagues, visitors and clients; we believe that true innovation means putting development tools in their hands, stepping back, and allowing them to lead the way!  Coupled with our Collaborative Lexicon Query Service™ and interactive social network, we maintain continuous subject-matter expertise, professional and user input. 


Healthcare Organizations: Financial Management Strategies

Healthcare Organizations: Financial Management Strategies promotes and integrates academic and applied research, and serves as a multi-disciplined forum for the dissemination of economic, financial management, and health administration information to all healthcare organizations; both emerging and mature. Our goal is to be the pre-eminent interpretive guide for financial management strategies, and the enduring business analytics guide for all healthcare organizations; and to promote related enterprise-wide health economics initiatives.

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